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New Delhi, India

About New Delhi

New Delhi is one of the most famous cities of the world. Though it is recognized the world over as the national capital of one of the largest countries of the world, India, New Delhi has a glorious past, and has enjoyed global fame for several centuries. Tourism in New Delhi includes visits to its famous historical monuments that include forts, palaces, tombs and religious places. In addition, many important government buildings, parks and glitzy shopping arcades also make up the tourist attractions of New Delhi. Tourists should know a few things about New Delhi before visiting this city. is an ideal site that provides online information about New Delhi as well as all the other tourist spots in India.

Tourist Attractions Of New Delhi

There are several places to see, visit, and explore in New Delhi. New Delhi is an international metropolis with excellent tourist spots, recreational facilities, and a history that goes back to antiquity. A remarkable feature of New Delhi is the extent of greenery all over. New Delhi is also a dream city for visitors looking for items of handicrafts, not only the rich artistic crafts of its own craftsmen but also of craftsmen from all over the country. New Delhi offers a multitude of interesting places and attractions to the visitor, so much so that it becomes difficult to decide from where to begin exploring the city.

India Gate

A memorial inscribed with the names of the valiant Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in World War I. The green, velvety lawns at India Gate, particularly, are a popular evening and holiday rendezvous for young and old alike. A must visit place in New Delhi.

Red Fort

In Old Delhi, you may visit the ramparts of the Red Fort. The decision for constructing the fort was taken in 1639, when Shahjahan decided to shift his capital to New Delhi from Agra. Within eight years, Shahjahanabad was completed with the Red Fort-Qila-i-Mubarak (fortunate citadel)-New Delhi's seventh fort, ready in all its magnificence to receive the Emperor. The Red Fort still retains some of its lost glory. The Red Fort was the last fort built in New Delhi and it witnessed the vicissitudes of fortune, the splendour and the fall of the Mughals, British rule, and finally the dawn of Indian Independence. A place must see by all tourists visiting Delhi.

Rashtrapati Bhawan

Modern New Delhi, or New Delhi as it is called, centers around the Rashtrapati Bhawan. It is architecturally a very impressive building standing at a height, flowing down as it were to India Gate. This stretch called the Rajpath is where the Republic Day parade is held. The imposing plan of this area conceived by Lutyens does not fade in its charm with the numerous summers or winters that go past. For lovers of flowers and beauty, the annual spring opening of the glorious, meticulously tended Mughal Gardens at the stately Rashtrapati Bhawan is a bonanza topped by an amazing assembly of roses in perfect bloom-perhaps the best in the whole of India. Mughal Gardens is indeed a place to see.
Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat On the bank of the legendary Yamuna, which flows past New Delhi, there is Raj Ghat-the last resting place of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. It has become an essential point of call for all visiting dignitaries. Besides Raj Ghat the other near by places must see in New Delhi are the two museums dedicated to Gandhi.

Qutab Minar

The Qutab Minar is located at a small village called Mehrauli in South New Delhi. Qutub-ud-din Aibek of the Slave Dynasty, who took possession of New Delhi in 1206, built it. It is a fluted red sandstone tower, which tapers up to a height of 72.5 metres and is covered with intricate carvings and verses from the holy Qur'an. The landmark of New Delhi is a place to see.

Laxminarayan Temple

Also called the Birla Mandir, the Laxminarayan Temple was built by the Birla family in 1938. It is a temple with a large garden and fountains behind it. The temple attracts thousands of devotees on Janmashtami day, the birthday of Lord Krishna. The temple is a place to visit by most of the tourist coming to New Delhi.

Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's wife Haji Begum built his Tomb nine years after his death. Designed by a Persian architect named Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, and completed in 1565, the edifice was a trendsetter of the time by remains a must visit place in New Delhi till date.

Chandni Chowk

The living legacy of New Delhi is Shahjahanabad. Created by the builder of Taj Mahal, this city, with the Red Fort as the focal point and Jama Masjid as the praying centre, has a fascinating market planned to shine under the light of the moon, called Chandni Chowk. Shahjahan planned Chandni Chowk so that his daughter could shop for all that she wanted. It was divided by canals filled with water, which glistened like silver in moonlight. The canals are now closed, but Chandni Chowk remains Asia's largest wholesale market. A must visit place in New Delhi

Shanti Vana

Lying close to the Raj Ghat, the Shanti Vana (literally, the forest of peace) is the place where India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was cremated. The area is now a beautiful park adorned by trees planted by visiting dignitaries and heads of state.

Bahai Temple/Lotus Temple

The Bahai Temple, situated in South New Delhi, is shaped like a lotus. It is an eye-catching edifice worth exploring. Built by the Baha'i community, it offers the visitor a serenity that pervades the temple and its artistic design.

Quila is a good example of medieval military architecture. Built by Humayun, with later-day modifications by Sher Shah Suri, the Purana Quila is a monument of bold design, which is strong, straightforward and every inch a fortress. It is different from the well planned, carefully decorated, and palatial forts of the later Mughal rulers. Purana Quila is also different from the later forts of the Mughals, as it does not have a complex of palaces, administrative and recreational buildings, as is generally found in the forts built later on. The main purpose of this now-dilapidated fort was its utility, with less emphasis on decoration. The Qal'a-I-Kunha Masjid and the Sher Mandal are two important monuments inside the fort.

Hotel In New Delhi

New Delhi is one of the must visit tourist destinations in India. Having been the center of Indian politics since the medieval era, the city has always been a hot bed of political activities. It has also witnessed several dramatic turn of events that have shaped the destiny of India. The mighty rulers who ruled from here, including the moguls, built many magnificent structures around the city. As many as seven cities have been built in the region known as Delhi today, including New Delhi that was built by the British in early 20th century. All this makes tourism in New Delhi grow with each passing year. A large number of New Delhi hotels provide a wide variety of accommodation in the city. The hotels in New Delhi range from well known star category hotels to the basic bread and breakfast joints. Luxury hotels in New Delhi Luxury accommodation in New Delhi is provided by some of the best known hotels of the country run by international hotel chains. The famous hotel chains that have their presence in New Delhi include – Hyatt, Oberoi, Sheraton, Clark international, Taj, Park, and Marriot. These hotels stand out for their luxurious room amenities and recreation facilities.

Wellness centers, spas, shopping arcades, world class swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and a large number of games facilities make a stay in these hotels well worth the money spent. The dining facilities provided in these hotels further prove their supremacy in the hospitality industry. With a range of multi-cuisine restaurants, and well stocked bars, cafes, bakeries, and snack bars, these luxury New Delhi hotels offer a memorable gastronomical experience. All the major New Delhi hotels provide excellent business facilities including well equipped meeting rooms and conference hall. The staff in these hotels provides all the necessary assistance to make your stay as hassle free as possible. The best known luxury hotels in New Delhi include – Maurya Sheraton Towers, The Oberoi, The Park, Ashok hotel, Hyatt Regency, Le Meridien, Marriott Welcome, and hotel Radisson. The luxury hotels in New Delhi also include well known 5 star and 4 star hotels. Budget hotels in New Delhi The economy and budget hotels in New Delhi are also very important for tourism in New Delhi. They provide accommodation to a large proportion of the tourists visiting this city. The high tariffs of the luxury hotels cannot be afforded by most tourists. This is where the budget hotels step in. there are a large number of three star, two star and one star hotels located all over the city. These hotels provide good services along with a wide choice of location. Tourists can choose the location that is most convenient for their purpose. Most of these hotels offer travel assistance, dining facilities and modern room amenities

Transportation And Access

The capital of India, New Delhi, is also one of the most important tourist destinations in North India. With a large number of tourist attractions, including historical monuments, temples, churches, mosques, museums, and government buildings, New Delhi offers a fantastic travel experience to the tourists. The city is well connected to all parts of India by an efficient air, railway and road network. Tourists wondering how to reach New Delhi can log onto which offers online information about access to New Delhi, apart from other important tourist information about the city.

How to reach New Delhi by Air

Reaching New Delhi by air is the most efficient and convenient way. Being the capital of India, the city is well connected to all the major international airports by flights operated by some of the best known international carriers. A large number of domestic airlines connect Delhi to almost all the major cities in India. The Indira Gandhi international airport is located around 20 kilometers from the city center. It was earlier known as Palam airport. The airport can be reached very easily in about 30 minutes from the city. A wide range of conveyance options, including buses, taxis, and auto rickshaws are available from all parts of the city. The Travel Desk at the airport provides assistance to tourists, especially foreigners. Tourist vehicles can be booked from the airport itself for traveling to the city or the neighboring states like Rajasthan.

How to reach New Delhi by Railway

New Delhi is one of the most important Railheads in India. It falls under the jurisdiction of Northern railways. The station is the starting point of the Rajdhani Express which is among the fastest trains of India and connects Delhi with the major cities of the country. A large number of fast and super fast trains connect New Delhi with even the remotest parts of India. The station is situated at an easily approachable spot and is well connected with all parts of the city. Delhi Cantonment and Nizamuddin are the other two rail terminals in Delhi. The efficiency of transportation in New Delhi has been enhanced a lot by the introduction of metro services. There is also a suburban railway network in New Delhi.

How to reach New Delhi by Road

New Delhi is connected by the rest of India by a vast network of national highways. Luxury coaches and tourist vehicles are available all over the city for traveling to the nearby destinations. For traveling within the city, there are many options available, including buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, manual rickshaws, and the relatively recent metro. offers online information about how to reach New Delhi and other tourist places in India.

Map Of New Delhi



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Pompei, Italy

Pompei may hear the name you will be to the events of Mount Vesuvius erupt many centuries back. Pompei is an old city in south Italy who had been the pride of the Romans because of its beautiful natural scenery and the land is fertile. Moreover, geographically quite close to Pompei Napoli and Capri Islands, two cities along the coast, which is always covered the sun and the warm air throughout the year.

The beauty of the city is also supported by the existence of Mount Vesuvius that soar up to 1281 meters above sea level. Local tourist who came from various corners of the city in Italy also did not lose much, because in the summer they prefer a vacation to the beach. With air temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius at that time, people want to crowd berbondong-berendam in the sea or discolor the skin under the blazing sun.

Before buried for thousands of years due to explosion of Mount Vesuvius, Pompei is a city destination that tune and the noble Roman conglomerates, especially on each summer. Pompei also a city in a safe harbor for the Greek sea and Tunisia. Mixture of culture among nations and Etruska elements of Greek culture of the nation to make the city thrive, especially after the city became the nation's Roman colony in 80 BC.

During the government Oktavianus Emperor Augustus (27 BC-14 BC), the Pompei of development infrastruktural massive. Various magnificent building was built as amfiteater, pallaestra (the stadium where the different types of sporting events) with a swimming pool area, the reservoir water to drain more than 25 pond water fountains, at least four public bathing places, office buildings, and homes time.

In addition to majestic buildings, the city also has a house brothel, tavern, and nightclubs where the residents spend the time to have fun and make prostitution transaction. In fact, it seems, semblant genitals in original size swing in front of the houses brothel is.

Pompei was at the time of the famous with the freedom of the people in matters related to sexual activity. Therefore, when Mount Vesuvius erupt, many people are trapped in the agency relationship in the city and died instantly. During thousands of years, bodies are buried material eruption of Mount Vesuvius and harden.

In fact, people are used to Pompei the earthquake - in a much smaller scale of the region Campania region of southern Italy that includes Napoli and its surroundings, including the city of Pompei. However, had also recorded great earthquake strength 7.5 Richter at 5 years old in February 62 BC. Gempat this cause damage severe enough on the roads, temples, bridges, houses and population.

After Mount Vesuvius erupt on 24 August year 79 BC, the city of Pompei buried volcanic dust and smoke during the year 1700, and new found accidentally in the year 1748 BC. In fact the mountain erupt when that happens, the city of Pompei is not fully repaired the earthquake. Due to eruption of the mountain, 20 thousand people have died in the city immediately.

Exploration of the city is done start up the command of King Charles III of Napoli Bourbon. Up to now, the area that has been successfully dug the area is 66 hectares. Pompei has become one of the history of the world heritage site treated by UNESCO. And that makes you wonder akan merrasab is, once buried for thousands of years, various buildings and a hidden relic in it are still intact.

Including the residents who died and harden due to dust, lava, and hot air. Evidence, we (including me) at this time can see that in fact the area was once there is a city inhabited by a nation with a Roman palace, the houses and temples are still well maintained.

Perhaps, this is due to dust and rocks out of the crater of Mount Vesuvius and bury meetings Pompei city does not cause the incoming air so that it does not have the humidity that can cause the decomposition process. However, after this site and found her to be announced to the general public, there have been events erosion, excavation, reconstruction, and vandalism. In addition, the incoming air and climate change have made some of the old city part of it becomes damaged.

Until now, there is still digging and research activities of the oxygen-oxygen mineral resources from the rocks or land used by the archeologists deposition assisted local students. The reason is because not all parts of the old city Pompei tersingkap, and many historical questions that have not been missed. (rn)




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Venice, Italy

City Water, this might be a fit for the Venice. City, located in the northeastern Italy is directly reminds us of a name, Marco Polo. Name traders who roam Venice home to a number of Asian countries is easy to remember as listed in the various history books that taught since elementary school. Marco Polo's name can not be separated from Venice. Even the name of Marco Polo airport name as enshrined in the city.

Venice is known as the city's tourism industry and the city. Residual fame of the city of Venice made the trade as one of the famous tourist attractions at the Adriatic Sea. With the nickname The Queen of the Adriatic up to now is still attached.

You can use the fast trains such as Eurostar trains as well as similar economic class to visit Venice. From various cities in mainland Europe there are some trains which, directly or must switch trains. Railway Station stop on the Santa Lucia.

In some places can be found 24 hours a cafe, so you need not fear hunger. How hot coffee and tea available in the corners station. After that to besiege the city that was built from the small islands that we use the vaporetto or water bus from the station called Ferovia, not far from the station. From this place, visitors can beset a number of places in Venice.

There are several routes that can be passed from this base. One route is the famous Ferovia-San Marco. Magnificent buildings and was hundreds of years have been directly adjacent to the sea. Palaces, churches, museums and style Ghotic, Venezia-Bizantium and Lombardesque in the island-also small.

Islands, amounting to more than 100 was associated with the canals. This channel operates in a traditional boat called a gondola. This vehicle is used if you want to hem in villages on the island. While the bus is only used water outside the canal. Water bus stop in some place and route to San Marco-Ferovia be within half an hour. Bus terminal in the water in San Marco, you will meet with the traders souvenirs, ranging from Venice crystal, necklace, or a replica gondola.

Some of the major tourist travelers who frequently visited, such as the Academia Gallery, Campo Santo Stefano and the Church of San Moise. There is still Field San Marco, Basilika San Marco and the Ducal Palace as the next destination. Canal San George, a geto, Palazzo Rezzonico, Estuaria, Litoral, Torcello, Burano, Murano, Lido and several churches that have historical value, including the pentasnya Antonio Vivaldi is located in the San Marco side Basilika. It takes several days to be able to visit locations throughout this tour.

No need to worry with the problem of accommodation. Hotels in Venice offers the usual fare in season three, the low season (January 3-January 31), middle season (February 13-March 14) and the high season (November 10-December 27).

Venice If you are a tourist destination, do not forget to buy a souvenir glass crystal. Venice is known as the gift of high quality crystals in Europe with a variety of forms. When you come to Venice coincided with the holiday should come a bit early so that it does not need to queue long to get the water bus.

In Specific, Indonesia also has some great river of life with a typical rim. When we realize a matter of tourism, may be very many places in this country that is not less curious than the charm




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Verona, City of Romeo and Juliet

Talking about the Verona, surely can not be separated from the love story of two sejoli a very famous in the world, Romeo and Juliet written by W. Shakespeare. Owing to this same story, Shakespeare is able to make Verona, as one of the city which is very popular in the world at this time.

Fantasy many scratches Shakespeare ago that, until now so the city feels ini.Hebatnya again, Shakespeare's drama essay is capable with the Municipality of Verona dibangunnya Casa Guiletta in the home or family Juliet balcony.

Shakespeare in the theater, house balcony is a meeting place, Romeo and Juliet, a pair of lovers who do not direstui both their parents because of this second family feud. Now, Casa Di Guiletta as tourism and able to become the tourist attraction. Moreover, there also made a statue of Romeo and Juliet of the copper is capable of adding strength fantasy romance tragic story two young people this.

Walking in the city of Verona can be started from the gate of the city center, the main Piazza or called Piazza Bra. The atmosphere is spacious, clean and diramaikan by a bar, pub, café, restaurant and souvenir shops do not lag.

City hall, known as the Palazzo Barbieri is located opposite the Piazza, is a magnificent city hall, which was established in the year 1883. In addition to building the town hall, some older buildings that are hundreds of years we can see in this city such as Grand Guardia Palace, Palazzo Guastaversa which is the result of the paper Sanmicheli, architect specialists who beraliran Renaissance and the Roman Amphitheater, which is the center of the Piazza.

The Roman Amphitheater Roman empire is a monument that is one of the largest opera stage in the world. With the size of 138x109 meters can accommodate around 22 thousand spectators. In the summer in this place often held staging opera, Dell'Opera Lirica. Most of this building is the result of the renovation

Lamberti Tower which is the highest tower in Verona was built in 1172, also one of the places that should not be forgotten if we pay a visit to Verona. For those who love to shop, go to the Via Mazzini. A pedestrian street full of boutiques bermerk famous top.

At the end of the street Via Mazzini, there is Piazza delle Erbe is a center in the city where there is a market that is used to the place where the ancient Roman Forum was established. Nearly all the buildings that encircle Piazza this historic building is equipped with some of the Sculpture beautiful.Verona very reasonable indeed selected as the place where your next destination.

Verona addition there is one place in Italy that nuansanya no less romantic, is Venezia (Venice in English) that city dijuluki love. Central goal and the most attractive countries for foreign tourists is the San Marco Square (Saint Mark's Square / Historic San Marco). To the east is Basilika San Marco and Doge Palace (Palazzo Ducale), which is both important and famous buildings in Venice.

Venezia is a city that stands above a group of small islands. Amount of 117 islands. Many centuries ago, the people of Italy who chase each be pursued by the barbarian, fled to the lagoon at the Sea Adriatika. On the "debris-debris" uninhabited land that was not started Venezia blossom into a settlement colony.

Skill and artistic skills to create the city of Venezia was changed into a beautiful city. City is also always plateau tourists, especially on holidays and weekends. Means of transportation in Venice is the gondola, the boat with a flat base that is controlled with a single oar. Now, the gondola is used mainly for the tourists.

Venice is known as one of the most beautiful city in the world. City buildings and decorations from the era-dekorasinya Byzantium until the Renaissance style, which has shown a high artistic value. The works of art school and painting the people on view in Venice's palace-palace, public buildings, and churches in Venice do not wonder if this city dijuki the city of love, because this place is very romantic and glamor. (rn)




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Not many of us who visited Vietnam and the country a new finish this fight in 1975. Our knowledge about country uncle Ho is probably a film from the Vietnam War that made Hollywood dibintangi Chuck Norris or Silvester Stalone.

Imagine entering a sensible state socialism that is it's eerie. But the shadows dispersed, when viewing rooms are neat airport, clean and cool ..

In traveling to the city, that the streets are relatively clean, here and there are still signs installed former SEA Games. Even before Christmas, when the city government put the shelves containing pine tree-shaped pot-pot ornamental plants. The truly beautiful and interesting, especially when considering a new city out of war 25 years ago.

Ho Chi Minh City is very dense population of about 6 million people. Walking in the city that feels exactly aroma capitalist. Just imagine, advertising space outside of the big-appear along the way that promotes all things-from products such as beer consumption to state propaganda.

Nation of Vietnam by the French occupation began in 1867 until 1957. Saigon became the capital of the French region that includes Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in the 19th century. Saigon as the city built model cities in France. The characteristics that until now still looks like the wide Boulevard, buildings berarsitektur France, the majority Catholic population. Even along the roadside, many street vendors selling iced coffee is tasty. Saigon river that split the city also gives the feel of the beauty of this city.

In addition to selling the beautiful natural scenery, the Vietnam war offer tours to the tourists. Two objects is the main Cu Chi tunnels in Cu Chi Province, a distance of about 60 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, and the War Remnant Museum in the city.

Cu Chi tunnels are one of the destinations visited by many people want to see evidence of persistence against the communist Vietnamese foreign troops, particularly as France, during the war of independence and U.S. troops during menginvasi country.
Entering the Cu Chi Province, a rural feel is the atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Different atmosphere with the right Ho Chi Minh City and the busy scene ingar. No trace appears that shows this area as the battlefield the most timeless dibombardir U.S. troops during the Vietnam War. Unlike Ho Chi Minh City, here does not look much older building on the right-left way. Homes generally are still relatively young age. Similarly with the existing plant. Does not appear to trees with large diameter as in other regions.

According to Phi, a tour leader who refused to complete the name, this area during the peak of the war with the average land bombardment caused no stopping. In fact, trees that have either exhausted all merangas due to a bomb, NAPALM or death due to agent orange disiram so toxic and death.

But the story in the Cu Chi tunnel is not the beginning of the Vietnam War. Tunnel was built by local people as a form of resistance against French colonialism. At that, the colonial develop rubber plantations in the area. As energy work, the manager of the garden the men from the villages around it to work force.

This is what finally provoked resistance and hatred of the people of Vietnam against the French. Finally, while doing resistance, population build-tunnel tunnel near their house for hiding when the French army came to search for men. Subway is what ultimately makes French colonialism ended.

Place in the forest tour this war, we will first be brought to the room diorama that illustrates how the form of a tunnel under the ground about 200 kilometers long, mutually related and able to accommodate the 10,000 people.

If you had, the area around the forest to see the tunnel, dead tank, diorama that depicts the activities gerilyawan, such as weapons workshops, kitchens, hospitals, mines, mines, and others. Everything under the ground. Menjajal we even got into the tunnel as long as 40 meters, has been enlarged, with the lighting the lamp.

As a tourist, Cu Chi tunnels should be the goal. We will find romantisme war atmosphere in there, without realizing that the location of tens of thousands of people in terbantai. (rn)




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Wall is identical with the limitations. What separates the walled in and outside. And this separation was based desire to maintain themselves, maintain the purity, integrity to maintain a self-perpetuate.

That's when the walls of Intramuros in Manila. Thick wall in the limit of the old city is the cultural essence of Spanish colonists. Beyond there, the island that is not with the neighbors in Indonesia. The wall so strong to feel strength in the limit promiscuity.

Close to the waterfront, an old Spanish fortress standing firm. No longer surrounded by coconut plantations, but it is a golf course and road with four lines. Now he is no longer any limit between Spanish colonizers and the people who Serumpun with Manado, Bugis, Javanese and Batak.

Thick wall that failed to stop the Intramuros sinkretis culture. The gates of the fort was open. Chisel in flexibility in the Malay kakunya the Conquistador.

Indeed, not only the gate that was open and not awake. When the Western world, fight in mid-20th century, the area Intramuros crushed ingot.

Bombardment associate the oath terlontar commander of troops called Macarthur. "I shall return," the digenapinya complete with ratanya Manila cathedral, and old houses, power bead Spain since 1571 up to 1898.

Strong along the wall of 4.5 kilometers around the area covering 64 hectares filled with palaces, churches, convent, school and home is the flat to the ground. Only one church was established, a letter upholding the divine human vanity.

A neck of land that is now no longer owned by tattoo Soliman, or Delantado Miguel López de Legazpi, and also no longer owned by the authorities of Metro Manila. Give this area a tourist area that can be visited by anyone.

Initially, the area is rural residential Intramuros indigenous. Name Manylad their village. Led by rajah Soliman, the village in the bay is the center of trade the various commodities that come from China, Japan, Vietnam, and have even said that all Asia.

This good fortune does not take long. The Spanish explorers arrived. On 24 June 1571, the village is successfully occupied Adelanto Miguel Lopez de Lagazpi. He built the city of Manila on the debris-debris Manylad village.

What is gained with the violence does not appear to be sober. Development Manila run, but the threat from English, Japanese, Portuguese and other colonial Asia raise up the spirit of self. Muncullah thick walls with gates that are connected to suspension bridge is closed each night meeting. The term also appears in the wall in Spanish, intra muros.

In fact Spain does not need to fear and self-coop. Intramuros and the Philippines all changed employer, when the Paris Agreement signed by the result in Spain the power kolonialnya in the United States.

This unique area of Asia, where the only European style city fortress stood, destroyed by the authorities with a new stem merebutnya pen. Douglas MacArthur made the Intramuros markasnya at the time of the invasion of Japan. It was this change of the old city, with the overthrow of the old and widen the road.

That was not enough because the Japanese seize Manila. During the three years to become Intramuros latrine for the soul of the hundreds of the Philippines. Japan using the fort area of Santiago to use this jajahannya.

And during the battle retake Manila lives of thousands of civilians fall victim. During the eight days they make a Japan in Intramuros. United States poke them out with kucuran bomb. San Agustin church live and part of the city walls that still stand.

In 1979 through a presidential decree established the Philippines Intramuros Administration. The goal in rebuilding the city wall in this. Tujuanya make as a city tour.

Now, thanks to the efforts, the effect of Spain, the United States and the modern culture of the Philippines, all can be felt in the walls of the city. No more of the original in a world that was once closed. There must be a good way of violence and to create a soft new world. (rn)




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Do not come to Manila if not had time to visit Makati. It was always said that the Pinoy, called for the Philippines. Why? Makati is a friendly city. Tagalog word "Mabuhay" is written so we go to the region harafiah really means "welcome."
So, anyone who visited the Global City, Makati, ready to warm greeting awaits there. Makati often as dicitrakan area that offers comfort and keglamouran City of Manila. The fact is Makati's central business and entertainment in Manila.

That is, if you prefer to go to a place of business or for the purpose of entertaining themselves. But when you love something so associated with historical matters, the remark could be Pinoy like this: "Do not come to Manila if not had time to pay a visit to Intramuros."

What article? Intramuros is a historic building for community Philippines. The building is a similar fortress on the River flow Pasiq. And that, in the building was saved and a number of site records the history of the Philippines from the Kingdom of Islam, the era of Spanish occupation, the United States, and Japan. Not termungkiri, notes and historical evidence about the "flow perrubahan period" can be read in the Philippines in Intramuros.

Before falling into the hands of Spain, the Philippines became a sovereign state is influenced by Malay culture. Up to now, even though the culture is very Spanish culture in the Philippines (particularly the North), but many Malays are inherent in community life.

Until this very day we can still find so much similarity in language between the language of Tagalog and Indonesian equally rooted in the Malay culture. For example, for a parachute, white, gathered, gathered, and others. Or very similar, for example base (road, Indonesia: a foundation), man, wall, and many more.

History Inramuros began in June 1571 when Spain under Miguel López de Legazpi founded the city of Manila is the center of Spanish power in the Philippines for more than 300 years. To avoid pirate attacks from China, Japan and the Dutch and Portuguese attacks, Legazpi fortress built to protect the city. Defense wall thickness of more than one meter to the 4.5 km long, and stand firmly on the ground area of 64 hectares.

Sturdy fortress that fortify the city. So the city in the fort was known as Intramuros. In Spanish, Intramuros means' in the wall or the fort '. Intramuros to be a very important region because in a small town in Spain's King Philip II to place the center of all political, cultural, educational, trade, and religion. Basically situlah center of power in the Spanish throne in the East region. Not that, any time. All rich people in Asia are placed in the city which is also known as Ciudad Murada or Bertembok City.

Impressions-impressions kemasyuran Intramuros past can still be found. Spanish government building still standing is not very far from the majestic cathedral of the Church of Manila was the religious center of Intramuros and Spain to the East as a whole.

In religious terms, the position of cathedral in Intramuros in Manila became more important because all Jasad Cardinal Manila dimakamkan there since Cardinal Sing choose buried there.

Schools such as the old Manila High School is also still neat rows on the side of the Mapua Institute of Technology. Schools that used an educational institution for children of Intramuros. Even before the Japanese destroyed the Intramuros, the oldest university in Asia, Ateneo de Manila University are also in Intramuros before moved to Quenzon City.

In addition, the Manila Bulletin, one of the oldest newspapers in Asia are also here, exactly on the side of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (City University of Manila). Manila Bulletin to become important sources of information when the power concentrated in Intramuros.

History records the name of the independence of the Philippines Intramuros with gold letters. How does not, of Fort Santiago, which is part of Intramuros was the house arrest of Dr. José Rizal, the hero of independence the Philippines. Even in the era of Japan, the Philippines independence fighter who caught and dipenjara be in place. Because the number of combatants who caught the Philippines, the hospital was built when the United States also dialihfungsikan colonize the Philippines as a prison.

All important sites in Intramuros that we can visit with the kind of carriage which is not far different from the carriage in Indonesia, especially in Java. It is interesting that, all in the carriage cabby Intramuros can speak fluent in English.

With the 500 Peso or Rp. 98,000 we can get around Intramuros. Carman andong can simultaneously function as a guide is able to describe in detail each span of Intramuros. Uniquely, they are not civil servants, but people who rent andongnya for tourism keperluaan in Intramuros.
(Izak YM Lattu/73)

Source: Suara Merdeka



Tours to:


Gawe akbar se titled Asia Pacific Sub Regional Youth Summit niatan invited to attend the selection process in the Central Java Regional PMI. Strict selection of participants with a hat I lift the right to make frightened, surprise-surprise. I finally selected. This is the first time I am out of the country, still culun once. Nine years! Ten years later, the memory is still sticky neuron in the gray in my head. Mr. Sartoto, Mr.Lucky., Mr.Nasrun, Mrs.Yayuk , Mrs. Sharlita and several crew PMI SMA 2 Semarang to the central level to assist the departure preparation. Slow step father carry luggage Setyadji Pantjawidjaja that is not new. I moved, people tuaku that time well airmata release kepergianku that presently, only two weeks.

Fortunately I do not own, because Không Không fly with me from there. Be not weary perjalananku-fed. I transferred from the iron bird Manila to Cebu airport. Setiba in the city of Ferdinand Magellan who discovered this, I termangu. Many old buildings and many greet-there here. Decs Ecotech Center in place hunianku, was present ambassador children from Malaysia, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines as host.

I shake the head, many people who berbaju true white. Oh, apparently this is their student nurses and medical school that followed the summit in some parts of this IFRCRCS. Mabuhay! Get news that the country of origin Maribeth many TKW send nurses out of the country. Ah, so remember Uncle JC's wife who had become a nurse in Amrik.

Day change the day, after the program has fulfilled the discussion, consideration of study, lectures, and that cultural exchange is not behind it. Now didua last day, we walk on the island that has land is 5.088 square kilometers. Jeepney not able to provide passenger boarding. Hopla! Be the bus air alias berjendela we take no glass around the mountainous region.

This time our goal is the future look pretty Cebu as part of the land which had ridden two brave women Corazon Cojuangco Aquino in 1986 and Gloria Macapagal Aroyo starting in 2000. Short story festival, Sinulog, Magellan Cross and the fort San Pedro terbetik Excursion in the temple of our schedule. So, the opportunity to climb the mountain Cabalasan 1.002 meters or 1000 meters mountain Manungal impossible to reach.

Breezy wind blowing rambutku a long and clap tembemku cheek. Throughout the eyes look, the flow of major rivers such as Cabiangon and Baliuagan refreshing land of flood and erosion in the rainy season and dry in summer. Bus mandeg and ngeceng in the parking lot. Throng our crowd toward the center. Drum and various traditional music and other ear-splitting rock make us a little while grimace.

Heat should not be seen as kuhiraukan the neat rows of colorful nan appeared that the greatness of a festival, it is reported is a warning to Santo Nino. Sinulog is held in January pertahunnya. Anamae always faithful menemaniku start streak moreng face with soot, attract and hold my hand to join in the dancing that line. Traditional one. Intenseness drop sweat droplets on the body.

A hawker food to us. Friends of the school nurse was explaining, the seller offers a dressing, duck eggs that have been cooked out bulunya. Spontaneous kuangkat five-finger hands kananku fruit did not want to foreshadow. Kuseka sweat ball eyes to see some of the participants began to ration their exhaustion although manggung one vessel at a dragon. Jeffrey didaulat as a group of leaders ask us to enter the bus in the dark green color, it's time to Magellan Cross.

Not long, we injakkan to a place of interest. Is the momentum dibidik historic Cebu. Yes. Cebu perhaps be categorized as the third most important island of the Philippines islands, after Luzon and Mindanao. Wow! Happens, the City of Cebu is the second city of the metropolis is very important after the Metro Manila.

"Gana, this first place of origin Portuguese seafarer Ferdinand Magellan who became ambassador in Spain to stop shipping to Asianya in Cebu. Man is born in 1480 died 27 April 1521 in the East Indies before returning to Europe. Meanwhile, eighteen-its crew returned to Spain on year 1522. According to history, because his death Magellan battle against Lapu-Lapu. Lapu-Lapu Later became one of the city and street name in Cebu. Lapu-Lapu, who was born in the year 1490, known as a hero in the Muslim Maktan Island, Cebu, Philippines . Maktan this is not a challenge because Magellan is choose three options: obey the King of Spain, admitted as a sachem Humabon master, and pay tribute. Of course the answer is no.

Anamae B Gever membenahi kacamatanya the melorot. Magellan also said the crew also took a come from Italy, Australia and Malaysia. Kupandangi image baptize King Ferdinand Magellan Humabon
Cebu as authorities, following a 800 followers of Catholicism. Sky - sky altar is colorful and slick, marked the history of the past. Magellan Jasad not until now been hidden berbekas Lapu - Lapu.

He made the Philippines dikenang services, a majority Catholic nation. Lapu-Lapu own Heroes Philippines is recognized as a brave against Western imperialism. The sun slowly began to come down from singgasananya. Turn fort San Pedro we jajaki. I and the girls who wear pink bagel that berlarian memegangi Spanish cannon of large-large and very visible is old. Click, I fotogenik sock style. Before returning to Ecotech, buy souvenirs into our selection. Kupilih a set of jewelry from the sea snail white, beautiful.

Friends who have to buy another lamp decoration of shells, beach cloth, handkerchief, hat, guitar and many others. One peso was roughly equal to one hundred rupiah, currently $ 1 = PHP 52.7. Kind of currency is a PHP (Philippine Peso) 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 coins with PHP5, 2 and 1, and 50, 25 and 10 sent. Image - the image of former president and jasmine become one of the many of the selected symbol. Seingatku have words such as Bagong Tagalog.

Only the next day shopping in the mall and not feel the schedule departure arrived. At the airport, on their hands kulambaikan recommend bringing a travel check in the currency dollar Amrik. In addition to secure the advantage in penukarannya in the area that is rich in wine, mango, guitar, copper, gold, coal, iron, silver, and pyrite is. Adyos Señor - senorita, we are expensive!

Author: Gana Stegmann



Tours to:


Antalya is the city's small and clean as Singapore. No there is no waste menumpuk.Kota this is divided two of the old city and new city. Of the old city of Ottoman buildings. Ottoman model house has been renovated but not leave the original form.

Most, they sell the souvenir and carpet because the way the small roads of the old city is visited by many tourists to the old harbor in the old port Antalya.Di, many people who have a motorboat and offer services to circumnavigate the island coral island near Taurus mountains.

But, if you want to relax, we can kongkow-kongkow fish in restaurants around the port. Once a meal for 2 people, including red wine, think about 22 Turkish lira, or 12 Euro. Finished eating, you always ditawari tea or Turkish coffee gratis.Namun, I recommend drinking better coffee because Turkish tea is very concentrated. Plus 4 tsp sugar are still very bitter.

Meanwhile, the city's new, more modern building and the many shops, but almost no mall. So, if it is not like shopping here. For the rest of the city Antalya is a city of interest. Throughout the city and in every corner of the garden there is a beautiful city and well maintained. Each garden overlooking the sea and to the Taurus mountains.

Interestingly, the people here, including young children or very young discipline in maintaining the cleanliness city. For example, school children who sat in the garden to sit always remove beverage cans or plastic bags at trash. Sometimes I ask the people in the heart Bandung, Bandung when I can clean like this and not have gunungan waste.

For food, the price also quite cheap. But unfortunately, there are no variations. Their main food chicken or lamb kebab that disantap with bread without yeast and given a snippet of fresh carrots, fresh red cabbage, red onion and salad. Then, given citroen (citrus acid) to it. While for rice, because it is cooked with the oil samin, so too oily. Bored with the same menu, we can go to eat Chinese restaurant. The shadow you, surely this restaurant that I think the standard Chinese cuisine.

You can order the roast duck and fried noodle. and you definitely get a taste of Chinese cuisine in general. Because the Chinese here also with the cooking oil. Thus, the noodle is cooked with the oil gorengpun samin. After dinner is usually the person to sit back while sitting in the garden to enjoy Turkish tea. Lucunya no matter where you sit, whether in parks, in bus stations or in the street though, there is always the person who sells tea with a very cheap price.

You can also get experience that can not be overlooked, namely bath Hamam. In every corner of the city, a place available to the public bath Hamam. to pay 4 lira sekeluarga you can enjoy this hamam bath. This place provided the room for men and women. After the strip, we will be given a towel and large width.

Veiled only a towel, you go to a room that is not water but filled by hot steam. In 3 minutes you sweat out all such as in the sauna. Once completed, we must go to the bathroom to wet room to sleep, that is, the sleep of stone dibangku without steam. After that will come people who bring such a fine coconut fiber and once your body is rubbed by a person and a massage with oil olijf (made from a small fruit and a small green can be eaten) for 15 minutes.

ssstt... Do not think Sstt various lho .. The room is a bath with a massage with your other people, think about 10 people there in the bathroom Hamam. After that I have a bath with hot water and soap to be made by the oil olijf. Turkish Society and decently friendly. So, no fear because there is no pickpocket here. If there is a bold pick, let alone lift a tourist, will be punished heavily.

Transportation to the city, similar to transport in the city of Bandung, but more polite on the road. They also did not stop markets. With the 1 lira, you turn the play was brought up to blase city Antalya. After 3 days, we dikota with rent a car without a driver went out to the city of Pamukkale, Perge, Aspendos and history to the city, Myra. and Well. (rn)




Tours to:


Despite mengidentikkan itself as the country's secular, Islamic environment in Turkey is still felt. Although appearing as the face of Europe, the majority of the people with Islamic religious life is be a private area. And, to Have a mosque, if you had to land with the old civilization. Most mosques in the country under the Kingdom of the 1300-1918 Ottoman about old age. Special in Istanbul, about 600 mosques built in the Ottoman period.

Ottoman era mosque has typical, dome-shaped form of the width. Similarly, the tapering form of menaranya. However, because the design is also no wonder that many people when terkecoh visited Ankara, the capital of Turkey. They Kocatepe Mosque as the Ottoman heritage. Indeed, the mosque magnificent classical Ottoman design with four bermenara in the Kocatepe was built in 1967 and 1987.

If to Ankara and Istanbul, and enjoy selusurilah the streets of the city parents. Turks call Camii (read: jamii) of the mosque while large mescit (read: mesjit) to Langgar. Go to the mosques, if possible, enjoy the prayer in congregation in there despite shaf not always full. After that, telitilah detail the amazing architecture. Despite not speak Turkish, you can still know how the old mosque. For, always have any posts about the years of development mosque.

Haci Bayram Mosque remember in the old town, Ulus, Ankara. Old mosque was built in the early 15th century to honor Haci Bayram Veli, a Sufi local leaders. This mosque was repaired by the kingdom of Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, the 16-th century, with the addition of tile-Kütahya tiles on the 18-th century. Until now, start the morning, there are those who leave for work or school, the drop in, pray outside the tomb of Haci Bayram is located next to the mosque.

That. Many of the mosque during the Ottoman kingdom was established to honor leaders, scholars and sultans. Ortakoy Mosque, for example, was founded by and for the Sultan Abdul Mecit. But, among all, the most famous mosques of Istanbul's Sultan Ahmed Camii is also called the Blue Mosque (Blue Mosque). Mosque that was built only with the six-tower is the most famous monuments of the Turkish nation and Islamic world.

Blue Mosque, until now, still functions as a place of worship. Enter into a mosque complex in Istanbul, we go through the flower garden of shady trees protected. Wudhu a place in line at the front of the mosque before we enter the interior of the mosque complex.

To respect the mosque, visitors should be decently dressed when entering the mosque space. Women must wear veil. Guards are always ready to remind the front entrance. Once up in, a number of Muslim delegates to the mosque to pray sunah. While others looked out of the mosque shaf back. For the front of the only permitted for those who want bershalat.

From outside, it seems there is no reason for the paper architect Mehmet Aga, built in 1609-1616 which is called by the name Blue Mosque. Then after we go into, it appears that the interior is decorated mosque 20,000 from Iznik ceramics - Turkish area of the famous ceramics producing topnotch - blue, green, purple, and white.

Ornaments flowers and plants that appear to spiral memendarkan very beautiful blue color when the sunlight touches the entrance through the window glass solder 260. Blue Mosque exactly opposed to the Hagia Sophia. Most of the foreign tourists who come to Istanbul will never miss the Ayasofya, so the name of this building is called. From 19:30 until 09.00 o'clock, hundreds of people visited each day in the church are making the mosque, and now functions as a museum.

By paying 10 YTL (Yeni Turk Lirasi, New Turkish Lira), we must pass before it can enter the detector Ayasofya. While mengantre, we can throw a view to the right. On the front page a number of buildings that stand mausoleum, mausoleum of which the Sultan and Sultan Ibrahim Mustafa, Sultan Mehmet III, son of the mausoleum and the crown. From near, appeared pink walls Ayasofya comes from the color of stone batanya unique. Ayasofya, built by Konstantin the Great and considered as Adikarya Bizantium art.

Ayasofya Construction first started in the second half-century to 4 M. Ayasofya serve its function as a church for 916 years. After the War Cross fourth, building a mosque in the 15th century. Renowned Turkish architect, Mimar Sinan adds two towers at the front. And, 477 years working as Ayasofya mosque. In 1930, Father of the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk, ordered to make the museum.

The symbol of Islam and Christian decorate the interior of the building. The writings of Allah, Muhammad, calligraphy and verses of the Qur'an decorate the walls and glass windows in the solder. While the dome is still there in the paintings of Mary and her son. Mihrab golden-carved with a magnificent carving is one of the tourist center of attention. Near the mihrab in the wall that was built during the Sultan Mehmet II, we can find that describe the mosaic tiles Ka'bah. Visitors can only see the beauty impressed berdecak masterpiece past this. (rn)




Tours to:


Naipi and Taroba. A pair of lovers is the river with the form of fear. Behind, the water god beriak downpours at the shape of a serpent Mboi pursue them. Ruler of the world is full of anger, because the running footman Taroba bring offerings for Naipi daughter of the chieftain Igobi.

God Mboi continue to pursue hole in the bottom of rivers. Terbentuklah waterfalls downpours. Ditumpangi the young boat-mudi enter the crater waterfalls, and not out again. Naipi becomes large stone and Tarobi into a palm tree. Stones and the palm up to now is in the tongue split waterfall cliffs Iquazu, in Argentina and Brazil border.

Indian legends of ancient peoples Caingangue into a tale that melatari terbentuknya waterfall Iquazu this. Iquazu is one of the three famous waterfalls in the world, although they are not the biggest or the waterfalls in the world. Waterfall is comparable fury and beauty panoramanya with the Niagara River (the border the United States and Canada) and Victoria which is located in the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Iquazu this waterfall is a spectacular natural phenomenon and the most beautiful. Both in the Argentina, especially from Brazil will be more beautiful and the view more widely. Although Iquazu to have to travel far, because the location is in the back hemisphere. Indeed, precisely Iquazu located in South America, not far from three-point boundary: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Expression, the water will fall into the cesspool also appears to apply in this Iquazu. According to geological records, hundreds of thousands of years ago, in this transformation occurs tektonik friction that creates a giant canyon or canyon. This makes the basic fault which cause the river is high, the waterfall Iquazu birth. Iquazu name comes from the Guarani Indian language means "big water".

In Iquazu, form horseshoe-shaped canyon. Here there are Garganta del Diablo or Devil's Throat. Largest volume of water falling from a height of around 90 meters, which formed a crater in the bottom of rivers. Rainbow often visible in this place, so also fog spray of water.

Debit Iquazu river an average of 1800 cubic meters / sec. Peak along the canyon cliffs 3.5 km uneven, there are many benjolan coral reefs and trees, the tongue falls disjointed, not only form a waterfall, but around 275 fruit falls with a height that is different between 40 and 80 meters.

There is also a terraced waterfall. See the natural phenomenon, a very impressive scene that there is no appeal. Not surprisingly, thousands of tourist every day came just want to watch and perpetuate the greatness of nature through millions of images. In 1986, tourism Iquazu recorded in the list of UNESCO as a natural heritage (heritage) for all the people man.

This waterfall is in the middle of forest underbrush. On both sides of the Argentina and Brazil do maintenance environment, with built in national parks that preserve the ecology of flora and fauna throughout. Various wild animals and various birds fly, especially a variety of colorful parrot. Dozens of animal species included in the list of animals that dikonservasi. This is a value added for the world tour.

In the national parks, many built for the tourist infrastructure, is available for the bus lane road tour. Meanwhile, in Argentina there is a side lane road to a small special tourists, so visitors do not need to walk around and enjoy thousands of hectares of national parks.

Iquazu near the waterfall, there is an old hotel that is very luxurious. On the side there is Argentina Iquazu Internacional Hotel Sheraton Resort, while the Brazilian side there is Hotel Tropical Cataratas Iguacu. Each located very close to the waterfall, from both the hotel can be seen greatness waterfall Iquazu.

Page of the hotel can go directly pedestrian path, such as Promenade "catwalk", berkonstruksi concrete floor and iron serpentine edge to edge. Some stick to the middle of the river, about 1.5 km along. Can draw more visitors to see the scenery more beautiful. (rn)




Tours to:

memories of a million in Brazil

Travels to Brasil this rush when I started looking for a tourist visa for entry to this country samba. I ngambil circuit package from the travel agent who happens bule France all its contents, just my own puppet show with the chocolate from Indonesia. Chance I really live and work in France, this time for the holidays I ngambil entourage tour with the main goal Brazil. Nah, repotnya me that the only country outside of France I have come to own Brazilian Embassy in Paris to submit the documents, fill out a form and all the other trinket.

I must come back for a week after taking Pasport the contents already in the visa. Susahnya I do not live in the capital city of Paris itself but in the region and for the visa can not be represented by travel agents.

forced me behind the pace must be willing to Paris just to wish I could visit the country this Ronaldo. Temen me that the French original and ngambil tour together with santainya roll without having to have this bureaucracy that. Indeed there are some countries that have priority for entry into Brazil without a visa must submit a busy tourist attraction.

In short I also end up in the city of Rio after a 12 hour journey through the flight Paris - Rio De Jenairo. Package tour schedule is really quite solid. Ration in 10 days we can see the country for everything Brazilian. The first day arrived in Rio, entourage directly transported Rio to see the city without any time-berleha careless in the first hotel.

City of Rio bertopografi own hills with the bulge-bulge typical granite hills diselingi the green vegetation and tropical colors of the settlement. City of Rio with the background granite hill directly facing the Atlantic ocean boundary and wipe the white sand beach in pesisirnya.

Rio tebesar second city in Brazil after the San Paolo and then followed by the capital of Brazil: Brasilia, but compared to the second city earlier, Rio with a population of approximately 11, 35 million have distinctive charme of turistik.

Visit the first morning that begins with the climb in the hills north of Rio Corcovado to see the statue of Jesus near O Cristo Redentor at 30 m standing in the majestic peak of Corcovado mountain.

we do not have trouble climbing make the event because there had been a tramway across the protected forest Tizuka lansung to the top of Corcovado. Corcovado's summit we could see the city of Rio, Copacabana beach, the hills, and two other famous Sugar Loaf from the altitude.

we move to the coast, the legendary beaches like Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana, and of course the crowd Cairoca (local population in Rio) berbaur with a tourist from foreign countries.

Sunny weather that is not sick enough interest in me to deliver menyeruput that many young coconut is sold along the coast. Unfortunately I did not participate in follow-up drown oneself-bath in the sea or sunbathing on the beach to burn kayak bule-bule other but simply walking along the beach while enjoying the feel of the Copacabana disore day while washing the eye.

Second day in Rio with a schedule filled with visits to the top of Sugar Loaf as the main event. Which are two hills in the west of Rio into one of the attractions that most tourists visit after the Corcovado.

To contact the two hills tesebut available means that the train hanging from one coast to the mountain hills other, for which I'm not like the height usah nengok-nengok down deh.

For lunch, troupe brought to a local restaurant that serves typical Brazilian food. I try Feijoada such as bean soup in Java. But this use of black beans, cooked with various spices with lots of meat mixture.

Continue to be eaten with white rice comes oseng-style green cabbage oseng Brazil, tapioca flour and a crisp piece disangrai orange, I know what its function disisipin orange piece on the menu, I may make in the ASEM-ASEM tongue.

typical menu, Brazilian Barbeque, Carrucho where we can eat various kinds of meat is sliced up blenger directly by the servant of the jumbo-sized bite of meat.

If you do not stop the waitress will continue to fill our plates with meat-roast until we are overwhelmed to menghabiskannya. That afternoon I also had nyoba Brazilian cocktail, Caipirinha lime mixture from the moment the glass tumbuk mixed sugar, and ice smooth and last, Cachaça. rhum typical Brazilian, it seems like the Seger-like Mojito cocktailnya Cuba, merely that this leaves no use menthol.

The same morning the next day proceeded to another area, with domestic flight we leave Rio to Sao de Iguacu. To the south of Brazil with Argentina, Sao de Iguacu a small town inhabited only 301 409 inhabitants are renowned for their beautiful waterfall.

Third largest waterfall in Canada after Niagara and Victoria in Zimbabwe but the third with a beautiful panorama of natural national parks Iguacu not wonder if this site is included in the list of natural heritage protected by UNESCO in 1986.

Iguacu waterfalls is actually a group of waterfalls that amounted to 275 units that extends along the 2.5 km limit and teritoar between Brazil and Argentina teritoar. While the 2 rivers that ignites in this waterfall, Misiones of Argentina and the Parana region of Brazil.

Kendahan to enjoy a spectacular waterfall a short distance from some members of my entourage, including rent a boat agreed to reverse the flow of the river Parana to a few meters right under the waterfall shower.

Although already diwanti-Wanti for rain jacket or coat anti tetep water but only after we rain from this event go by boat. We had also visited the Bird `s Parc Iguacu is not how far from the location of waterfalls.

We can see the various birds that live in the Brazilian jungle and well kept gardens in the beautiful nuances tropikal, so I keingatan time to visit Parc Bird `s in Ubud Bali place ... but here is much more knowledgeable integrates with the protected forest that is there.

Next day early in the morning we have been blind to leave Iguacu to continue the journey with a domestic flight to the city of Salvador de Bahia northeast Brazil. We must wake up early because the route distance tempuhnya tolerable long, 8 hour flight with a transit in the city of Sao Paolo to replace the aircraft.

Up to Salvador de Bahia in the atmosphere appear different, the elements of culture here in Africa is very thick. According to the history of Bahia is the heredity from African slaves brought by the colonists potugis to Brazil during the mid-century.

So in terms of lifestyle, religious, traditional, art and multiformity kulinernya culture tends to lead to their ancestor in Africa there. Salvador de Bahia in the coastal city is the Atlantic ocean to the largest city in Brazil with five approximately 2,673,560 are set aside old buildings from the colonial type of Portuguese colonialism.

Walking dikawasan Porto Sugoro or Itaparica strain with Samba music dikejauhan and mothers dipinggir street food sellers with traditional costumes as they bring our colonial times. Often we meet with a group of dancers Capoera their expertise mempertunjukan mix elements of self-care, dance and akrobatik.

To deal stomach, culinary whim Bahia no less interesting from the other regions, especially the spicy element of style and the style of Africa. For example Moqueca menu and dishes Vatapa fish and shrimp are cooked with palm oil and coconut milk Dende, with minimal spices, onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, tomato, fresh coriander leaves, salt and pepper

It selezat nggak Sumatra fish curry but tolerable to try. Normally this menu is eaten with white rice or tapioca pulp.

Two days do not feel we miss the city of Salvador in Bahia, it is the last route of the trip we enter the area north of the central Brazilian city of Manaus in the destination coastal rivers of Amazonia and tropikal largest wilderness on earth.

In the city of Manaus alone we just live day to enjoy the city is quite crowded. As is generally the port city, Manaus is a district where the central Amazonia where we can see many ships anchored there good public transport ship, merchant ship or ship mangangkut and forest products industry.

Manaus city was popular in the early 19th century when the rubber industry meledaknya from this area. Portuguese colonists mengeksplosir the rubber plantation was a golden period with a new style European style of Manaus city. One of the survival period is the triumph of Manaus Amazonas opera majestic building that is located in the city.

Day afternoon transfer to the port group of local to pursue with the local motor boat through the river Amazonia bungalows where we stayed in the corner of the wilderness with a time of approximately 5 hours.

If the last days we biasakan in the hurly pikuknya by humans and large cities, this time we brought to the inland jungle highway to the turn-ragaman various ekosistemnya.

Amazonia river river after the Nile terpanjang both offer stunning panorama of nature, sometimes through the birds with the color-Ara warninya in rerimbunan forest canopy or green dolphin swim the fresh water not far from the boat. We had a meeting across the river two different colors of the flow of the Rio Negro and Solimoes nigrescence the roily kecokelatan.

In the bungalow until dusk came down, for the buffet dinner was waiting. Among the twilight dimness, and the night crowd animals fragrant scent of fresh grilled fish from the river Amazonia make tersadar we feel that life is beautiful when everything is peaceful and sustainable.

Two-day stay in the wilderness Amazonia spent with activities in the bantu ecotouriste the guide by a special expert in forestry multiformity flora and fauna in the Amazonia region.

Activities in the start of the wildlife observation, the introduction of various wild plants that can be consumed as food and medicine plants, which are used by the indian, indian visiting local villages, hunting caiman (crocodile such that there are lots of small didaerah it) to the fishing piranha.

Amazon fish special with this famous kebuasannya, appeared in their original habitat seganas not that we imagine and, in general, they only attack that injured animals and most of the piranha species prefer to eat tetumbuhan.

There are several types of fish and piranha fish piranha merahlah the most famous perhaps aggressive. But somehow get image of savagery piranha already evident melegenda this when I see with own eyes the ferocity gear-tooth piranha fish which I succeeded in catching.

And I know if the new fish was nice to eat piranha, soalnya fish haul us directly and we roasted it's no less interesting from the fish-water fish other rivers.

Terkahir route from a visit to Brazil's Amazonia is our return to Rio to spend the rest of the day terkahir before we return to Paris. We have free time during the two days to enjoy the opportunities in the city of Rio last or just a shopping bag by meet-by.

With some of my own group of fellow members who have become familiar events selected roads along the Copacabana, and one of the members suggested to see from the close of the urban folk Favelas Carioca.

According to my personal not so interesting, soalnya to see in the middle of the slums of the city with the poverty population is not a spectacle to be interesting and it is not a new thing for me

But bule-bule was confirmed pengin mengunjunginya, eventually to maintain the security we hire a local guide, soalnya Favelas are also with the level kriminalitasnya. After the visit after a visit there last Favelas we select to the Botanical Garden more menyejukan and provide a much more fresh air in our mind.

Finally, I leave Brazil with a million memories, some by-by to friends have been ready in the trunk, do not forget a bottle of Caçacha default entry in the list.

Show me the idea in mind for early next month to invite a few close relatives, told the story to the Brazil trip while enjoying the culinary typical Brazilian olah akan my own. I Caipirinha, Feijoada and Moqueca not too difficult to be made ........ hmmmmmm They know that my affairs in most hobby-eat meals.

Author: Eldo Lee Tallec
Source: Kompas /



Tours to:


Day early in the morning. Cold bone puncture, although the sun is shining bright in the sky blue of windmill, the Netherlands. Morning that I walk the pier, looking for a sailboat that I had to rent a year ago. A few days before I go to Amsterdam, I have to give news akan rent boats. Although not among those who like to plan activities, but to be in the Netherlands we should let some of our arrival the previous day. This has become the European tradition.

In the distance I saw an old sailor and his family menyambutku with a flourish. I immediately ran about them. We also sea after sea traffic signs to give green light. In the Netherlands, the land is not only a beacon. But at sea there was. The sea here recorded by the security of the sea. They are also required memarkirkan ships with a neat and perahunya.

Dutch flag colors look very contrast with the color sky, sea, timber ships and boats. White cloud does not look too much. Fresh cold wind blow. Beautiful. Unlike the sea water in the soil that it's salty, sea here tends to taste sweet. That's why they call this' sweet water '. I tried to touch the sea from ships and brrrr ... dinginnya unbelievable. It looks like the remnants remaining winter.

Inside the ship there are beds, kitchen, toilet and desk-chair to write. Being outside, is available a table used for eating, drinking and bersenda joke. Today we are beset around Holland. Remember, not all areas can be spelled out in the Netherlands Holland. Only certain areas only, before eventually expanded.

After sailing, the day of the afternoon I walk encircle the City of Amsterdam is being organized carnival accident. Because the stomach is hungry, I immediately buy a waffle smeared chocolate and nuts are sold in the carnival. Waffle form its large, almost selebar face, membuatku glut melahapnya.

The cold air membuatku to buy a can of beer to warm the body. Know, here a bottle of beer for the price of cheap mineral water because of the need for warm bodies with the Higher alcohol. Then I menyempatkan self vehicle to try some games that are available at the carnival. When the ground water in the night market we know, about like this is the night market in the Netherlands, similar Dufan exclaim him with any vehicle.

Not far from the carnival area, there is a statue of the monument symbolize the fetters gay people in the past. Fortunately, now gay people in the Netherlands have been able to enjoy independence. That is why some gay couples often an Indonesian pernikahannya here because already legal.

In addition, there are some things that may not occur in the ground water that can be freely enjoyed here. But of course with the regulations, age restrictions and behavior that are kept. For example a shop that sells various types of marijuana from various countries. Then, the famous center of prostitution with the name "Red Light District", in which the women who most of Eastern Europe is displayed in the window-glass windows throughout the area.

Very day district equipped theaters, museums and shops that sell sexual needs support. All this freedom can be trusted to keep prostitution occurred in certain places only and do not roam in the lush area that could disrupt public order. But be careful if you want to take photos in the Red Light District, because they are very 'camera conscious', even though you are in candid memotretnya though. So most likely they will have paid the rather make bankrupt.

In addition to cycling, we can also use the public facilities that are well known in the Netherlands and merakyat, ie tram. For the tram ride, we will pay EUR 1.6 per trip (in town), or purchase a ticket at EUR 6.5 for some time travel. We submit this ticket to the tram to be stamped, after we mentioned we halt. Uniquely, this ticket can also be used to ride the bus.

To go to museums, galleries and tourist attractions, ticket prices range between EUR 4 and EUR 15. The price for children and adults, of course, different. Some museums, galleries and tourist attractions operate on a day-to-day only. Usually in the summer, they open much longer. However, this can be checked through their website.

Do not forget also leaving money around EUR 35 to take a taxi to the airport by-by when you quite a lot. But for the backpacker, the airport can also be reached by bus or tram. Nah, for you who want a here, please start saving now for next spring!


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