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Steam Train India, Tourism in India

Is not interesting that a steam locomotive, which in the past had been the main driving force to provide transportation services to the community and therefore the existence can be seen anywhere in the world, has now become the symbol and the reason behind the object is a unique tourism? Who probably never imagine that monster jet that consume coal and water, produce steam and smoke and give voice loud and noisy while it is operating, the objects eventually become a very groove, be admired throughout the world by a group of a particular human lover steam locomotive.

Fairy Queen is a dream. Operational again on 18 October, 1997, after sleeping for 90 years more time is the most brisk history of tourism in India and became a milestone in the life of the Company Train (Indian Railways).

This single event as a trigger for sudden locomotive steam locomotive start-appeared again, proudly, in India Train train system, although with a limited purpose, namely to attract tourists wagon-carriage for a short distance. And not long after this event has become a fashion among the elite and even the train to talk with the flavor of a steam train.

Memories, so that we hear everyday. Inspired by the success that achieve Fairy Queen, Ghosh, a qualified company in India train fire, trying to revive a locomotive class HGS and run from Howrah to Tribeni in August 1999. This is followed by a steam locomotive the other in Guwahati, again thanks to the encouragement of a General Manager Rail resolute called Bisht.

In the next locomotive steam locomotive also operated on-line path Neral-Marheran and Kalka-Shimla with a grand finale on 16 April, 2002 as the repetition of historical re-launch of the first train in India in the year 1853 Mumbai-Thane route in the framework of the HUT to 1 50-Railway Company India.

Repetition of this honor is a big company to India in the Railway locomotive-operation with the steam locomotive is very efficient, so many people groove. Why not? With a fire in the stomach, and virginity is unique, steam locomotive from the more human that we all know.

And for tourists who visit India, train drawn by a steam locomotive is the experience that will not forget. For example, the Fairy Queen Express. With the rupee cost of 10,000 (this cost includes all or all inclusive) we can enjoy a trip for two days bersafari and perhaps this is "the best steam heritage tourism package" or a tour package steam train in the world.

Train operates every second Saturday, in the month of October to March, and tickets can be ordered from the National Rail Museum, New Delhi, International Tourist Bureau at the Railway Station in New Delhi or any representation in the Indian Railways luarnegeri.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is drawn by a locomotive engine-ever circumnavigate the world, has been declared as world heritage site or cultural heritage sites worldwide. When we went to the train, we can enjoy the natural beauty of Darjeeling as a hill next to the train station is old.

A tourist who want to pay a visit to South India do not forget to visit the locomotive-X class steam locomotive operating on the route Nilgiri Mountain Railway, one of two rack Railways (railroad serrate) is there in the world. There's more where that other not less interesting, "Ooty", referred to as the "queen of hill stations in India. (rs)

Chinese wall, China


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Chinese wall

Wall of China or more is known by the name of Chinese wall building is one of the giants who have made mankind. Age more than two thousand years. Wall along the 7300 km this cross from west to east, from the Shanhaiguan Pass near the Bo Hai Bay in the Bo Hai to Jisayuguan Pass which is now located in the province of Gansu.

Wall that is not broken up to look like a sleeping dragon in the Chinese mainland across this region Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Ningxia, and Gansu.
Uniquely, this event does not have to know when the wall was first built. Estimated that perhaps the wall was built to defend themselves from enemy attack is built by starting at the end of the Zhou Dynasty Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC). While the final stage of development of the wall is done in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644).

During that period, the development process of the wall along approximately 5000 km done with a sophisticated design and use of brick and granite. To strengthen the military control of the north, authorities Ming Wall divides into nine zones and place them under the responsibility Zhen (garrison head). Of course, the visitor might not the whole wall because only about 10 km are open to the public. Along the wall that can be achieved in about 4.5 hours.

To enjoy the Chinese mainland from the top wall, the traveler musti sizeable climb steep stairs that have such a fence in the middle. There is a door wide enough for someone just entering. On the other side fence, a group of people line up to sell souvenirs or mineral water. From here they follow the journey of the tourists. They hope to buy a drink or souvenirs.

Feeling really tired meyergap so directly to the top of the wall. But, the scenery that makes many people accidentally say the word "Wow!", Apparently so panacea. Body limp gradually revive. Natural that extends in front of the eyes are really spectacular. I'm upset with the wonders of the world this one. While enjoying the wind blowing fast enough, I continue to rotate the brain: how the development process of the wall of the tower is in progress to the tower?

After a visit to China Wall, harmless way to continue your tour Summer Palace or Summer Palace. Located about 15 kilometers from Beijing. Palace, located in the vicinity of Kunming Lake is first used as hunting land for the king. Interestingly, the garden is a place that most knowledgeable in both mainland China and the palace is called the Golden Hill, was built around 800 years ago

Palace of the area that was destroyed twice, but then renovated by Queen Cixi is divided into three parts. Ie office, residential, and land scenery. Important part in the regional office is good and everlasting royal audience hall, where the Queen Cixi take the statesman and officials receive. Temporary residence consists of a magnificent royal audience hall, park royal audience hall happiness and immortality Abadi. While the look is natural and Kunming Lake Hill eternity.

One part of the palace must visit this temple is a Buddhist Ocean Policy. Here the traveler can enjoy the beautiful lake and surrounding area. But, if visiting this place, do not forget to penetrate the beauty of the long corridor is very beautiful. Corridor along the 700 meters and painted it, is not located in the building, but near the water, and without walls. Pole is made of wood with a different motif.

Overall, the Summer Palace is not different from the results of year 1903 renovations. Gates will have two, the East Palace Gate Palace Gate and the West. Palace later this was changed to the garden after the last Emperor elevation Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi, 1924. Beautiful garden and open to the public, but due to expensive cost of entry is not all people can enjoy the beauty. Currently, anyone can enjoy the beautiful garden with only purchase tickets for the price of 35 Yuan. No wonder if the garden palace of old age is a favorite place to the residents of Beijing who want to resort in the summer. (rn)

Kochi Castle, Jepang


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Kochi Castle, Jepang

Not complete it to a region in Japan without seeing the castle, temple or shirein in the area. Historic buildings is amazing because it feels very well. Typical castle architecture in Japan is almost always the same in a certain era, from the outside of the canal where there is a corral, a strong stone walls, wooden doors which is very thick, encircle the garden of the palace complex and the main building itself.

This time I invite KoKiers to walk the road together to see Kochi Castle where the main building itself is relatively castle castle that I visited, but as a maxim That Indah Small, Small, That Love.

Kochi Castle is located in the middle of the capital of Kochi prefecture (province), is the symbol and spirit cultural heritage Kochi. The building is a masterpiece that Yamauchi Katsutoyo finish in 10 years, with thousands of workers. Ironically destroyed by the Meiji reformers want to eliminate all feudality symbol at the beginning of the Meiji era of reform in 1868 years. So for 400 years Kochi Castle is not a standing army was damaged by enemy but by the civil society. Duh remember so anarchic in the country when our case occurred in 1998.
Before entering the main gate which is called Otemon, there is a small channel of about approximately 10 meters corral, where a small turtle turtle and goldfish swim free of calves, water green, there is a water squirt aerator circulation so that the fish get enough oxygen fish. Gates made of wood and the thick solid steel plates with decoration, stone boulder is neat, strong and solid without cement, is used to hold the enemy attacks.

Unlike the other castle, there are at least 2 units in the complex bronze statue of this castle. The first in front of Otemon, sculpture Itagaki Taisuke, a civilian leader who seeks changes Jp, killed with a knife, a sentence spoken, and well up to now is: "Itagaki may die but liberty never will!". Sculptures in the garden there is a second level after the two children of a relatively high statue is the wife of Yamauchi Katsutoyo. I guess the second statue is made after the Meiji reforms around the year 1871 when the castle was opened to the public.
Renovations are made of stone walls, in the garden level of this second, more more mengingatkanku do the same thing is done on the historic home, or less with the other budget budget?

The main building castle Donjon (Ten-Shu-rigid) as a whole, consisting of 4 levels, with high bagunan 18.5 meters. Structure of the building has been renovated according to the original in the year 1748. At the top of the castle there are 4 doors to the verandah overlooking the four corners of the city, breezy air there.

Garden on the third level in harmony paving gravel, stone, wood and various pine, on the sidelines and sakura tree saddle tree that changes color when the USIM autumn arrives, it is considered that the beauty of the show season to season.

Wooden terrace in front of the Daimyo's official meeting, tatami unfold as a carpet, a full open space facing fenced garden with a wall tile decoration similar encircle the building.

Official meeting room, where the daimyo to sit on the floor level is slightly higher, on the back wall titivate Ornament summer there are hidden room, where the samurai guards sat listening to the conversation with the guests daimyo, they were dangerous to jump to save the master's of business.

Japanese style garden in front of the official meeting, the quiet beautiful. A wall decoration in the Main entrance hall of the fabric, described the loyalty of a wife to bring soldiers samurai battlefield, the war clothes worn in the film The Last Samurai.

Beyond Main Hall, to enter the building through the building Castle Donjon the wood floor. On the first floor didispaly miniature diorama of a society in the days of old Japan, is quite representative and beautiful somehow scale the size. Here I show the process of transportation hugh stone to build the castle. We can imagine when Borobudur and Prambanan temple was established in the year 825, about 500 years before the castle was founded. Our forefathers far more brilliant than the Jp, because stone stone penyusunnya much larger and needs to be appointed with a very high ELEVATION. Rightly Borobudur and Prambanan a world heritage asset.
The process of wood processing as one of the main building, a large timber, strong and strong resistance by the time somehow to how long.

Tile decoration at the end of the rooftop is always beautiful and specific, different from castle to castle, blend between the fish and dragon, symbol of the castle, either what it means, perhaps there is a kokiers.

From one of the doors in the top of the castle, spread-rise buildings, modern buildings encircle a vast castle complex, quite in contrast.

Ladder in the garden level of the first and second level, is not without meaning as it is created, a high, easy to go down, but prevent the movement to reach the enemy daimyo residence.

Back down the stair, wide spread Garden page at first, than Otemon, right there in the garden under a broad high leafy tree, there are wooden benches benches where tired or just remove the pile. Esplanade that is easily accessible to the canal in the middle of the city, a place where children play. When I saw that they threw bicycles bike just so small, play and play umbul slingshot, make me smile, the same children throughout the world, only the level of the country that are better to distinguish them.
Greetings from Osaka

Author: Astuti - Osaka
Source: Community Compass

Yamagata, Jepang


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Yamagata, Jepang

Yamagata is not a large area. Yamagata is a small town, on the fringe, and is inhabited only 250 thousand inhabitants. Interestingly, with a small number of people, they have a strong tradition for the film festival.

Yamagata City is in the mountain environment. Because the region is in the hills, can be very cool Yamagata. For me that came from the tropics, the temperature in the cold there, even likely. Temperatures reached 10 degrees Celsius in the third semester of each year, making this city the tourist attraction that is not too crowded. However, the convenience offered truly exceptional.

Yamagata, which is located in this region north of Japan, can be achieved through two routes of transportation, land and air. On land, we can use the bus or train. If you want comfort, we can choose the train.

When set foot in the Narita Airport, we must find the train faculty Tokyo. Train services with Air condition and a clean car makes its users feel comfortable. Arriving at Tokyo train station, we find again the train with the same point Sendai city. Tokyo-Sendai distance adopted within four hours. Of Sendai, we changed trains again. This time, more simple, but clean with a professional service.

From railway station to Sendai Yamagata train station, we need 85 minutes of the time. Of Sendai, we will go through some small town with a beautiful carpet of rice field and hills. Tousyogu, Kita Sendai, Kitayama, Kunimi, Kuzuoka, Rikuzen Ochiai, Kumagane, Sakunami, Oku Nikawa, Kougen, Yamadera, Takase, Tateyama, Uzen Chitose, We Yamagata and Yamagata to be fine in the eyes.

From the railway station, a bus transportation routes, with a ticket price of 100 yen, to be able to orbit a small town Yamagata. There is one place most visited by many people, the way Nanoka-machi, along about three kilometers. This is the central economic and governance of local government Yamagata. Government buildings and shops, along the road ignites Nanoka-machi this.

Around the road-machi Nanoka there are a lot of shopping needs of day-to-day. Especially the needs of food, clothing, and household equipment. All products selling goods, with prices that vary widely. First, held after the documentary film festival, the city is more alive. All products sold are very unique, special interest for the visitor.

In the city of Yamagata, there are some very interesting places to visit with a walk. For example, in a building called the Kyodokan. Kyodokan built in the Meiji era dynasty. Here, we can find a summary of the history of Japan-display and display medical equipment in the Meiji dynasty in power.

Or where Bunshokan. This place is the ancient building, the building time of the Renaissance in Europe, with the added touch of Asia. That's interesting is this place we can find the background of social and political history in the city of Yamagata. Age Bunshokan history, the same age with the history of sunrise. By Meiji Dynasty, this place used for education activities, social activities and political activities. From the outside it appears that this strange building, let alone stand in a small town. However, when step to enter, it is full of atmosphere middle education activities conducted.

And in fact there are many other locations, which can be visited around the city of Yamagata. From the information that can be found, in fact there are several locations that are unique in the history of Mogami Yosiaki museum established by the eleventh king of the castle Yamagata, called Mogami Yoshiaki (1546-1614).

Or where there is more that can be reached with a walk, ie, Otemon Higashi, who is also a place that was founded by Mogami Yoshiaki. In 1991, has been renovated with the funds of 1.1 billion yen by the Jepan. I own a bit disappointed because it was not mengungjungi historical places and never established a history of Yamagata city.

Perhaps as a tale land. Is too excessive. For, in the city of Yamagata, there are so many buildings with historical value is so high. Because people still have a high awareness to be able to maintain the buildings and historical heritage that they have.

Can be, maintaining the historical heritage, whether any form, perhaps reflecting a nation's ethics. Hopefully this is not too excessive. Impression that may appear in the mind of anyone who had visited Yamagata. (rn)

Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Chiang Mai

Gate - Chiang Rai have "gate" golden triangle known as The Golden Triangle, one of the central production of opium in the world.

City of Chiang Mai in northern Thai, tourism object. There are tours of the beautiful natural scenery. There is also the history of tourism, with the rest of the first period of temples, statues and inscription. But that is not less interesting, in the city you can enjoy typical dishes.

The only food in the world of a specific charge in Chiang Mai. That is the "authentic jungle food" (food from native forests). Samlam On Road Soi 1, there is a restaurant that tune foreign tourists, the name Kaithong.

The uniqueness of the food have all the materials that come from forests. There piton snake meat. So also have cobra snake meat and crocodile meat, arrested from a special river.

While the other form of meat turtle, catfish, forest sheep, poultry and forest frog (frog). Dishes are presented for foreign tourists is packed with the burned and mixed with potatoes, cabbage, long beans, carrots and young corn.

Foreign tourists who enjoy the pleasure of food. In addition to typical and the only one in the world, "original forest food" is presented in the form of steak.Steak meat is coming from the piton snake, cobra, crocodile, turtle, goat or forest.

Steak Restaurants in Kaithong, according to the foreign tourists who had to try it, not simply a characteristic taste. But the meat of snakes and crocodiles, as the drugs work for people suffering from skin disease. Other property, can make the body more fresh

Restaurant opened from afternoon until 4 in 11. Because of the special dishes, tourists who come from outside of the busy-busy to come to the place. Even very popular, with a taxi driver in Chiang Mai restaurant Kaithong know.

Not difficult to see where the food is unique, because in the guide books and tourist brochures are distributed free at airports, ports and various shopping malls, restaurants names Kaithong there are a variety of objects in between tours in Chiang Mai.

Do not be fooled, while enjoying steak or cobra piton snake, you can also breathe in the cool mountain air. Chiang Mai is located in the area that is surrounded by mountains and forests. Kingdom of Thailand deliberately promoting the city as one of the all-round green. In addition to the forest, and ornamental plants have flowers.

For foreign tourists, the atmosphere cool and fun is all green apart .. Especially for tourists from continental Europe, the cold air is not a hindrance. "We like to be here" (we like living here), said an Italian tourist.

Chiang Mai is deliberately build a restaurant for many foreign tourists. If the Kaithong typical food can be enjoyed only in the world, in other places have a restaurant that sells food with the West. Charoen Prathet Road in the did not find difficult "pasta flour" Italy. Similarly, "beef" from the United States

Create a tourist who came from Germany, does not need to fuss over their search for food craze. In Loi Kroa Road, there Steafan Deutsches Gourmet Restaurant selling food imported from countries Hitler.

Tourist India, Pakistan and Arabic, do not worry if you want to try "special food" from the land of their origin. In Charoenprathet, Changklan Off Road, Shere Shiraz Restaurant sells authentic food from South Asia and the Middle East. There are tandoori goat, typical Indian bread, curried chicken and others.

For those who embrace Islam, the label is available with kosher food. So do not worry, eat "food" there, because there are no pigs or type of food that is prohibited according to Islamic belief.

Disconnect - The road to the area where tribes live in the mountains around Chiang Mai is not forever mulus as one of the bridge is lost.

Transportation tuk-tuk

In Chiang Mai there are so many places jajan. How cheap can be on the road. The second also have costs. A number of restaurants that set the price moderate. However, if you want to prestigious food, some hotels provide food prices with "the rich."

Food is one of the attractions in tourism object in Chiang Mai. To maintain the authenticity of the dishes presented to foreign tourists, the Kingdom of Thailand to do with the strict supervision of the control routine. In places with clean, no meat sold piton snake, cobra and crocodile. Especially pork.

However, in a restaurant without a label halal, meat is sold free of any. "Unless human flesh," joke of a police officer. As a country that one of the foreign exchange income from tourism, Thailand deliberately formed Tourism Police.

Duty to maintain safety and security of foreign tourists. They are equipped with an ability to speak English. Know the places of interest. Memorize a variety of shopping centers and at the same time can function as a pilot (guide). Tourism to participate in the police control in places of entertainment that mushroom.

In addition to a restaurant typical Kaithong, Chiang Mai have any places that sell the products of tribes (tribal). They inhabit a particular area such as mountains and forests around. Crafts tribes Thailand (Thai Tribal Craft) can be purchased in Bumrung Rat Road.

Products that are sold, among others, cloth weaving, arrow, knife, spear, hats, jewelry jacket. Stores in the Rat Bumrung Road are open at 9 o'clock am to 5 pm. Shops close on Sunday, because it is a break at work.

The Chiang Mai night in another atmosphere. Various entertainment can be enjoyed. However, in any entertainment center, Thai food products that have been "go international", among others, Tom Yam is never absent.

Benefits of tourism sector in Thailand is not solely on the natural beauty and entertainment, but also its ability to promote "food" and diverse.

If you want to come to a restaurant, do not always need the expensive taxi fare. Because in Chiang Mai, tourists can ride vehicles like bajaj, called tuk-tuks. In addition to low tariffs, this means of public transportation, could go to anywhere. Whether to hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants.

Passengers tuku-tuks, not just the low income. Public transportation, the passenger can have a pocket filled with thick, such as government officials, businessmen, diplomats and senior officer. So do not wonder, if we see tuk-tuk-star hotel in the park. The government did not prohibit and restrict the operation to the tuk-tuku anywhere.

So prestige someone determined not only using the expensive vehicles. Employers are very rich, do not feel low-self if the tuk-tuk ride. While this means of transportation, like bajaj. In Indonesia, there are no officials and businessmen who ride bajaj. But in Thailand is a conglomerate of the usual "bertuk tuk-ria."

General atmosphere

The development of tourism in Chiang Mai, appear with the restaurant Kaithong bring another atmosphere. In addition to the characteristics typical food, Thailand appears to be different want to sell the objects in the tour. If this country during this white elephant, with a popular sex tourism, the presence Kaithong bring the image itself.

Of course, for tourists from the Islamic countries, difficult to try dishes such as steak meat piton snake, cobra and crocodile. But for those who come from Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, there is no prohibition.

Crafts - Crafts tribes Thailand (Thai Tribal Craft) can be purchased in Bumrung Rat Road. Products that are sold, among others, cloth weaving, arrow, knife, spear, cap, jacket and jewelry.

To catch the snake and cobra piton from the forest, apart expertise required. There are special diviner to membekuknya. If you do not have special expertise, do not try catch. Forest animals are vicious and this can have toxic.

That is not much known, cook in Kaithong was already tried. Bau piton snake, a crocodile and cobra sting is not a hindrance to be processed into the form of international cuisine steak. But for people of cloud, that smells good and does not sting, it can make stomach mules and vomiting.

Thus in the location of this distinctive country white elephant, which has other creations in the trawl foreign tourists as much as possible. So in the campaign, Thailand dare write "the only snake steak in the world" when Kaithong operate.

However, in some time, to predict the emergence of protest from the lover of nature. Moreover, if groups like Green Peace, and go hunting and slaughter snakes and crocodiles to human consumption. Until now, cutting atmosphere snakes and crocodiles are still in normal limits. This means do not disturb the ecosystem.

If not restricted, is not impossible the only restaurant in the world to sell the snake and crocodile steak will be closed. This happens, continue to flow because of protests from the various corners of the world. Whale and a dolphin on the timeless, the global protests. Moreover, snake and crocodile, which is limited.

But separated from the concerns that have not occurred, the object creation tour of Thailand is a resource designed attraction. At least in other countries that have forests and animals, can make different creations to encompass foreign tourists in large numbers.

The Golden Triangle

Thailand North, not simply have an interesting Chiang Mai. There is another city that is not less istimewanya. Namanya Chiang Rai, located in the Golden Triangle (The Golden Triangle). Has long been called "The Golden Triangle" are very frightening. Because production is at the center pipe (opium) in the world.

"The Golden Triangle" located in the three countries. Namely Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. If the Mekong river, we can see directly the three countries, which restricted the mountains. From where the pipe flows since a long time, because it can be processed to be drug addict and drug-type drugs.

However, with the Chiang Rai area and surrounding mountains in the Golden Triangle, Thailand, want to change the image of eerie. How to build a regional tour. Chiang Rai has many hotels, entertainment venues and shopping centers.

In Chiang Rai can be purchased product tribes that really comes from the Golden Triangle area. There are bags, toys, clothes, sarongs, sucker and opiate-carved fretwork. Up to the mountain region, built the market, hotels, shops and a casino in order to encompass foreign tourists.

But that is not in Chiang Rai is a snake and crocodile steak. But the matter of stone, do not ask .. Product jewel origin Chiang Rai is famous. Moreover, the area border with Myanmar, which is also popular with a similar product. So once set foot, gets foreign tourists buy goods made tribes and various gem.

The need to develop the example in the tourism sector, Thailand successfully juggle food and exclusive area of opium. Both this creative, designed not just interesting for foreign countries. But the effect of foreign tourists to be better, so enter Thailand. Not simply float in the sex tourism campaign.

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai is an example of a bad image. From this side we should hold up thumb. Objects appear to develop many tourist whim. Depending on how to handle and promote it.

Phuket, Thailand


Tour to :

Phuket Island

For that perfect beach holiday, Phuket (from the Malay language, "Hill") can offer a very complete. Sea jade and stone such as sapphire, white sand beaches with crystalline, will remove all the fatigue and provide tranquility, relaxing, and new freshness.

If you want a more romantic location, you can Trang province to the next (where the marriage ceremony under the water, now recorded in the Guinness Book of Records). Or with the family to Rai Le and Ao Nang Beach, the beach is fantastic. For the young spirited, Ko Lanta and Ton Sai Bay in Krabi province offer the fun will not be forgotten.

For dive lovers, the world's best diving, among others, in the Surin and Similan Island, which has ika-the world's largest fish, bull sharks, Manta rays and even with five-wing meternya still sometimes seen. Want to drive the adrenalin? Try rock climbing on the limestone cliffs which are very beautiful in the province of Krabi. For those who want quiet, try the beach in Phang Nga Bay, filled with unique limestone formation like nails. Or, enjoy golf on five world-class golf courses Phuket.
Most attractions are not much affected by the tsunami, and has been re-entertain the tourists from all over the world. So, no need to hesitate, come to this world's favorite location (based on a survey by Lonely Planet last year).

Venues center tour:

This most popular beach, is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing and parasailing. Nightlife and shopping places also become a favorite.

Kata Beach
Two of the beach is very glamor, style and enjoy a Thai massage by the beach. The word comes to surfing during June to November to conquer waves.

Chalong Bay
On the south side of the island, Chalong Bay restaurants boast marine who is very popular. Also available is the event to catch shark.

Phi Phi Island
This island became the location of shoting movie The Beach (Leonardo Di Caprio). You can also see the Viking Cave (with ancient paintings on the wall), and snorkeling.

Phang Nga Bay
One of the natural wonders of the world that enthrall, with the formation of rocks which is really unique. You can also see the Bat Cave, or to James Bond Island (the location where the film The Man with the Golden Gun), or stop by to Panyee island, an island that is inhabited by Muslim people of Thailand.

Main beach at Pattaya is a curve as far as 3 kilometers, which lists tropical plants refreshing. Favorite place to swim, rileksasi, and various water sports.

Nakhonsithammarat, Thailand


Tours to:

Nakhonsithammarat, Thailand

Nakhonsithammarat have the motto "Muengprawatthisat Prathadthongkam Chaenchamthammachad Reethatudom Keangthomsamkasat Makwatmaksin Krobsinkungpu". This motto has Nakhonsithammarat that the province is the city that has a history in the ancient region, South Vihara has Pramahathad made of gold and a place that disakralkan by Nakhonsithammarat community and surrounding areas. In addition, Nakhonisthammarat still have the tour before the historic era Thurs Pheng Muang Kao or fortress Muang Kao (Thurs = Pheng fortress).

Thurs Pheng Muang Kao is a symbol of glory, majesty, endurance and history of the Province Nakhonsithammarat. History on Thurs Pheng Muang Kao has a connection with the legend Nakhonsithammarat City is built at the time of King Prajawsrithmaamsokkarat. King Srithammasokkarat build a fortress made of soil and has a ditch around the fort. Fort was named "Muang Thurs Pheng".

In the year 1407 BC Somdetpraramesun, King City Krungsriayutthaya, fight with the city and bring Lanna Lanna people living in Nakhonsithammarat. Thus, people also bring Lanna art sculpture from Chiangmai to repair the fort.

Muang Kao shaped fort simple, but has a distinctive feature, which is characteristic of bentengnya and entrance doors. The fort is oblong, the fort adjoining the eastern part of the Vihara Mumpom, the western part near the prison time of first. Now the area around the fort has been a settlement. Thurs Pheng Muang Kao is also a museum that recounts the history of this fortress.

In addition, Thurs Pheng Muang Kao has a door with a different name. For example Chainue door is the door of the north which are large and at the time of this first door is the door for the elephants, horses, or other vehicle. Second, Chaitai doors. Originally called the door of this gate Chaisit, located in the southern part of the same shape with the door Chainue.

Third Door Lax, small shape which is located on the east of the fort. First given the name because the door Doors ASN is a way to bring people died out of the fort at the time of first. Fourth, Nangngam Door is a door that is located in the west. Every door on Thurs Pheng Muang Kao has a meaning and are used for different purposes at the time of first. However, now the gates are not used anymore.

Travelers who want to visit Thurs Pheng Muang Kao can learn about the history of Nakhonsithammarat. After that, tourists can visit other attractions in the vicinity of the capital city Nakhonsithammarat, for example Pramahathadworamahawihan Vihara, museums, Namuang Park, Central Praduhok, Fraser called "Tungthalad," Monument Veerachonthai or named Phojadam, Pranarai Central and Central Praeisoun. Shopping is located in the capital Nakhonsithammarat.

Benteng Muang Kao addition you can also visit the Vihara Pramahatat Woramahawiharn Vihara which is a great and famous in Nakhonsithammarat Province, Thailand. In the days of old, this Vihara temple is known by the name Pratat one of the most important temple in the land of white elephants.

Origins of the Vihara is history told in a legend. I wonder, about 271 years BC, the Queen and Prince Hemmachalad visit Pratonkuman Beach Hadsaikaew to retrieve the bones Buddha. As a place where the Buddha's bones, the Queen Hemmachalad then built a temple called Pratat Temple.

Furthermore, the government Nakhonsithammarat King, this temple is used as the liturgy. At the time of King Jantarapanu, around 1247 BC, the temple build new Ka Lang called on the old temple building.

Vihara Pramahatat is a historical tour of many tourists visited to venerate the Buddha. Pratat around the temple there is a small statue called Puttasihing. The statue is a statue that was built in the holy city Nakhonsithammarat in the year 1250 BC. Buddha Statue Praputtasihing shaped the style of Khanomtom. Each month February, Pratat held in the temple ceremony called Hepakeantat. The ceremony is held with the purpose to glorify temple where many people come with a long yellow cloth to wrap temples.

Another ceremony that are important to the community of Nakhonsithammarat annual ceremony is held every April 13-15. Day-to-day delivery ceremony is called as the annual Songkran day so that any ritual ceremony known as Songkran. Songkran ceremony in a procession, with people coming to bring the statue Praputtasihing square Nakhonsithammarat to be cleaned with water.

Location Vihara Pramahatat from Bangkok can be achieved by using the bus from the Station to Station Saitai in Nakhonsithammarat, with the time of the approximately 8 hours. Price of bus tickets to Bangkok Nakhonsithammarat is 800 Baht or about Rp240.000, 00.

Nakhonsitammarat province has unique handicrafts of silver, called Kreang Tom Nakhon. Travelers can purchase Tom Kreang by the market in Nakhon-by Prata.

Nakhon Kreang Tom can also be obtained at shops near the Vihara Pratat, such as gift shops located in Thachang,Street. While the hotel is located near the Vihara Pratat one of Twin Lotus Hotel is the address at 97 / 8 Road Pattanakan-Kukwang, Muang, Nakhonsithammarat, Thailand.



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